Generosity Caregiver Trading Card

Generosity Caregiver Trading Card

Often patients know almost nothing about how the people taking care of them live generously. These trading cards make generosity more visible. And they enable patients to identify and remember each person on their care team. The generosity profiles can be turned into anchor artwork in the care space. And they might be extended with …

Point-of-Care Card

How to use it: Most patients and families have no idea how generosity makes some part of their care possible. This card beautifully tells the generosity story behind a particular technology or service. A clinician or other person interfacing with the patient presents the card. Ideally a patient sees a half dozen of these throughout …

Impact Cards—Muse Series

One in three wealthy donors says they withhold money because the impact of their philanthropic investment is unclear. And the percent of donors who decide where to give based on impact has tripled in the past five years. Use the designs here for inspiration about how to communicate impact succinctly and vibrantly. Send them every …

Donor Experience

How to use it: This tool contains a list of dozens of possible experiences to surprise and delight donors. Each experience goes far beyond the typical letter of thanks and creates a memorable impact. Use this tool when you plan how you will creatively communicate with different donor groups each year.

Heart and Soul of Philanthropy

This tool was created for a member wanting a stronger heart connection with their donors. They felt something was missing. And so in a strategy day with the board, we explored the ideas on this card. Use it in conversation with your own team as you design evocative experiences.

Introduction to New Donor Experience

Use this piece when you are ready to implement creative gratitude experiences for donors. It builds anticipation that something remarkably different is about to happen. And it enables donors to understand the larger context of what’s unfolding—your intent and purpose. You may want to use this piece in its entirety at the beginning and then …

Impact Cards

How to use it: Use these cards as inspiration for how you can communicate impact more creatively to your donors over time. Each card in this series tells one part of the story and features a statistic or specific way care has been transformed.

Generosity Wisdom Cards

How to use it: These cards are designed for foundations to write notes of appreciation to donors. But patients may also use them. Each card features a wisdom principle related to generosity, abundance, sharing or gratitude. Cards can be customized with your foundation name inside. We will help you print.

Over-bed Table Card

How to use it: This card introduces patients and families to the idea that their care is enabled in part by the generosity of other people, many of whom they will never meet. It creates intrigue and opens the possibility for conversation. Customize it for different areas of the hospital based on what generosity has …

Generosity Wall Hangings

How to use it: This demonstrates the way words can combine with simple images to create wall hangings that tell stories of generosity. They may be displayed in corridors, waiting areas, or patient rooms. We will help you print these with your own stories. Bamboo rods for the top and bottom are also available.


The inspiration for this piece comes from a cancer patient who throughout life was usually in the position of giving. Yet when vulnerable, she learned to receive from others with grace and beauty. Use this as a leave-behind when visiting patients. You may attach a business card or write a personal note inside. But think …

Patient Guide Cover Example

HopeWest elegantly integrates generosity messaging on the front of The Guide. Each patient and family receives a copy upon admission to the hospice or palliative care program. The Guide is the most important communication piece that walks a family through the care experience and what to expect after a loved one passes.

Admit Packet Cover Wording

How to use it: This introduces people to the idea that their care is enabled in part by generosity at the very first moment they enter the organization. It can become the cover of an admission packet or used as an insert. This example provides specific language and inspiration from which you can draw.

Experience the Mission

Jim Cunningham, CMO, and Grant Harris, VP of Development for Cook Children’s Hospital describe this remarkable program which enables donors and community leaders to enter deeply into the heart of what happens in the organization. Experience the Mission resulted in the two largest donors in the hospital’s history and has been an extraordinary tool for …