Generosity Caregiver Trading Card

Often patients know almost nothing about how the people taking care of them live generously. These trading cards make generosity more visible. And they enable patients to identify and remember each person on their care team. The generosity profiles can be turned into anchor artwork in the care space. And they might be extended with audio. When you create the cards, you may want to experiment with a playful event where team members come together to tell their generosity stories. Someone can record this and later write the bios. Listening to others strengthens rapport among the care team. Cards might have different colors and slightly varying looks. We created the prototype below for the Jack Byrne Center where each room is named after a different tree. The tree graphic comes from a wood carving in the center. The leaves are an alternative design direction. Each card might have a different tree or leaf pattern. There are services set up to easily and inexpensively print trading cards. One of these is PrimoPrint. A variety of materials and coatings are available.

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