Alembic Coterie

The Coterie is our inner circle of organizational alchemists. Most are CEOs. A few are system leaders, innovators, unusual thinkers, and entrepreneurs. They are knee-deep in dense parts of the world. Upending. Designing. Transmuting. And at the same time, probing deeper layers of reality.  

Go beyond the ordinary, and many peers fall away. But other companions appear. People on the most intriguing edges find each other—it’s why the Coterie exists. And once remarkable people are together, many things just happen. 

We create a continuous stream of tools for the Coterie. Often one person requests something for a particular situation. What we make then becomes available for another member who applies it differently. And that goes on to seed something elsewhere in the circle—or in places beyond the Coterie in a circulation that inevitably returns.

The Coterie comes together once each year in an extraordinary place. These days are a time to rejuvenate. Request things. Receive things. And be together.