Organizational Alembic

Most of our energy goes into creating remarkable things for organizations and those who lead them. Alchemical ideas are worth nothing if they don’t make a difference on the ground with seemingly intractable problems or unreachable possibilities. So each year, we work in a select number of organizations to make alchemy real. It may involve shifting a longstanding pattern, evoking a latent potential, or accelerating the evolution of a team.  

A relationship often includes elements such as:

  • Quarterly sessions for the executive team or other senior leaders
  • On-demand availability to think about an issue that’s arising
  • Tools designed around the issues that matter most
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Futures work with the board
  • Integration of tools into organizational systems
  • Individual retreats personalized for the CEO
  • Intuitive consults
  • Creation of mythic objects for team members
  • Connection to interesting people and partners