The Kaisers

It began with Lee Kaiser—a futurist so outrageous, provocative, and soul-stirring you never forgot him. Lee spoke what no one else was willing to say. Imagined what no one had conceived. And often invented words like potentiation and habitat design.

Who else would be so bold as to teach a university course in the Metaphysics of Management, challenge competitors to collaborate, or suggest that organizations allocate a percent of their profit for unmet community needs? Who would speak to three or four audiences a week, write over ten thousand posts on online forums, record over 900 teachings, and consult with over 2000 health systems? Because of Lee, healthcare executives developed free clinics, designed healing environments, integrated new therapies, and challenged unconscious assumptions.

For the past thirty years, Lee and his children worked together. They developed programs in alchemy, intuition, philanthropy, and integrative medicine. And created hundreds of tools for organizations. Leanne and Kevin continue in a partnership that is as inspiring as what they had with their father. The leading edge is with organizations wanting their executive teams to think differently and understand their archetypal potentials.