Generosity: A Living Story

Think of this book as a container for relationship. The front part may be used by donors alone or in groups as they explore the things that shaped their life and how they want to impact the world. The back part enables you to insert pages about the difference the donor’s gift is making. You might bring a page with a statistic, note from a clinician or patient, photo, poem, or story. The back part evolves over time and may even be passed down through generations. This book is not intended to be complete or given to a donor all at once. It’s designed to be approachable and fluid—and to contain the donor’s own musings, ideas, and insights. Some donors may want to create new sections for use by others in their circle. Because the book has embossed pages and unique papers, we will produce it for you. You can also design your own creation with different images, colors, and book styles.

  • Generosity: A Living Story

    Generosity: A Living Story Book