Tapping the Cosmic Plenum

The Concept

In every domain there is a nearly infinite well of possibility. What we experience in any given circumstance is catalyzed by how we act, feel, think, and know—one permutation brought forth from a superabundant cosmic plenum. But resting just below the surface are infinite permutations that could just as well be. Said more simply, what you experience in the world is often more up to you than what’s around you


Why it Matters

It’s easy to spend a lifetime chasing a context that finally spans the gap between how you are experiencing the world and how you know you could be experiencing the world. But often, our new context provides only a glimpse of the promised land as long-held habits, assumptions, and limiting beliefs begin to pattern our new space. And we find ourselves predictably in an array of experiences eerily similar to those we sought to transcend. 


Deep Dive

With infinite design ability, what are the characteristics, facets, textures, and aspects of the experiences you most seek? 


Think of a present situation requiring substantial energy and focus of consciousness. How could you design a new experience incorporating one of the preferred characteristics you just described?


Think of a colleague. What intriguing possibility could be evoked with only a small shift?