Joining in the Dance of Creation

For the alchemist, the universe is an invitation to join the dance of creation. By romancing reality, the alchemist creates new pathways and possibilities. The light of her mind guides her to embrace infinite possibility. Her intuition illuminates new connections and reveals potential relationships that escape the beacon of her analytical consciousness. Intuition dwells in the shadow of her conscious mind and generates a faint glow barely discernible in the bright light of ego.


The advanced alchemist sees with his eyes shut—hears with his ears plugged. Using supersensory ability, his soul reaches out and perceives what is beyond his mind. The alchemist feels without his hands—and experiences inner knowing.


For the alchemically trained manager, actuality and reality are different things. Actuality is what is, and is essentially unknowable. It is too big to bend the mind around. Reality is what you think is, and this perception varies with each person. We all share one actuality, but live in various realities. A good manager can change his organization’s perception of reality. This is a transformational act and alters the organization’s future.


We can think of the various realities as multiple tunnels through the Void. Imagine the Void as a mountain with many tunnels running through it. You live in one of these tunnels. Around you are other tunnels running through the same mountain but going to different destinations. You are unaware of the existence of the other tunnels and will remain so until you see the face of the mountain. Each tunnel dweller assumes her tunnel is reality—all there is—and that everyone lives in it. Such is not the case. People live in different tunnels and experience different realities.


Can you change tunnels? Yes, the light of your intuition will reveal the face of the mountain and you will see additional tunnels laden with different resources and leading to different destinations.


Now to mix metaphors—reality is simply where you choose to dance. Actuality is the big dance floor. Most dancers are so far apart they cannot even see each other dancing. Therefore, they believe they are the only ones on the floor.
Come now and join me in the dance!