Donor Gratitude Book

Donor Gratitude Book

St. Luke’s Wood River Foundation created this Generosity: A Living Story book for Buddy Wilton and Shay Doll. It contains photos, stories, notes from physicians and people whose lives are better because of this couple’s gift investments. There is also a chart depicting the “Buddy Effect” on employee giving. Production of the book was done …

SSM Impact Cards

SSM Health Good Samaritan Hospital Foundation designed these variations of the impact cards for their donors, volunteers, and physicians. These are part of a new donor experience that will unfold over the coming months. The original impact cards from which they took inspiration are in the experience design section of the Generosity Toolbox.

Innovation Society

This booklet describes the role of philanthropy in the evolution of Goshen Health. It is the launch for an Innovation Society and defines what they seek to do and what members can expect. More broadly, the piece conveys the power of community initiative, the innovative solutions designed over the years, and the potential to create …

Meridian and RWJ Impact Reports

These examples demonstrate a range of ways to communicate impact. Each enables a donor investor to see the difference their gift investment makes—though all do it differently. There’s a short infographic, comprehensive personal report, story cards, and a group report.

Avow Hospice Impact Report

This impact report communicates in a way that is artful and succinct. It enables donors to understand what Avow does, what philanthropy funds, and the difference it makes in people’s lives.

Future of Care Campaign

This case for support invites donors to partner in health care innovation. At the core of this campaign is the Mercy Virtual Care Center, the first of its type in the United States. It will serve as a command center for 75 telemedicine programs and house 300 physicians, nurses, researchers, and support staff.

Gratitude Book

This gratitude book is part of a “year of gratitude” for donors to the Delivering Next Generation Care Campaign at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of MN. Rather than energetically moving on once the campaign was complete, they focused intently on enabling donors to understand the difference they made. This book is one of many experiences …

Generosity Heals TV Spots

Florida Hospital has the ability to insert 600,000 spots into the TV that patients and families watch in the hospital. These media spots were produced for this and other uses.

Seven Touches Donor Program

St. Elizabeth Foundation wants to be known as the most donor engaged charity in the region and the top of mind charity in the Greater Cincinnati Region. Based on this direction, they are pursing research, analysis of their situation, and questions for donors. This document describes their initial thinking.

Generosity Heals Designs

These design ideas show the generosity heals theme applied to meal tray cards, a patient visit leave-behind card, and in-room greeting card.

Meal Tray Generosity Stories

These cards are placed on meal trays as a way of connecting patients to generosity stories. They have been extremely well received by both patients and caregivers. Some stories are about donors, others feature caregivers or ways the organization embodies generosity.

Donor Mailing

This is a first-impression piece where the hospital introduces itself and the healing power of generosity. It creates a feeling tone through the graphic design and creative use of story. And it invites people to learn more about how they can partner. The theme is generous hearts inspire possibilities.

Discharge Folder

Patients receive this folder to collect their papers, care maps, prescriptions, and other information. The folder features the generosity heals branding and invites patients and families to thank someone who made their stay special.

Grateful Patient Brochure

This three-fold brochure can be customized with different stories for various clinical areas of the hospital. It is included in the discharge folder, presented with the grateful patient posters, and sent by mail. It includes a QR code for the TV commercial spots.

Grateful Patient Poster

These posters feature stories and the generosity heals theme. A rack card holder contains the grateful patient brochures and includes a QR code for the TV spots.

Foundation Vision

This vision statement beautifully captures the principle that generosity is a healing force. It also positions the foundation as a designer of remarkable philanthropic journeys.

Invitation to Generosity

This piece invites people to receive creative experiences provided by volunteers. It begins the relationship with a patient or family with a gift to enhance their experience.

Physician Engagement

Sharp Healthcare Foundation has grown physician engagement dramatically. Now 52% of physicians give personally. And physicians refer patients when appropriate for philanthropic consults. Ann Jigger, VP of philanthropy, described their approach on one of our generosity calls.