Leanne Kaiser Carlson is a health futurist who helps organizations and individuals consciously evolve. She sees potentials and resources in unusual places. Health systems seek her to think in new ways and create paths to a preferable rather than probable future.

Leanne Kaiser Carlson is a futurist and organizational alchemist. Alchemy is the science of transformation—how one thing can become something else. Alchemists do not simply adapt to what is undesirable or limited. Neither do they seek to escape or deny it. Rather, they transform it by understanding why it is what it is, and what is needed for it to take a better form.

Through the Kaiser Institute, Leanne enables executives to transmute what is limited or undesirable in themselves and their organization. Things that have been resistant to change through traditional approaches fall away and what was hidden or inaccessible opens up. Because of these shifts, the Kaiser Institute is now recognized as the most potent place for potentiation.

Leanne also brings unique insight around the power of generosity to shape the future of health systems. She believes generosity heals and creates tools and curriculums for healthcare. This has unleashed immense new resources even in impoverished places and enabled hospital foundations to grow past previous limits. In addition to the Kaiser Institute, Leanne is a visiting faculty for the Johns Hopkins Medical Philanthropy Institute.

As a keynote presenter, Leanne awakens something different in people—the remembrance of what matters most, an inspiration of what is possible, and the confidence in our ability to create the future we desire.

She is a senior fellow in Health Futures, Innovation, and Wisdom Cultures at the Estes Park Institute and widely recognized as one of the most provocative thought leaders in healthcare.