Kevin Kaiser has a remarkable sense of what’s really going on and an uncommon ability to facilitate the conversations that matter most. It is for this he is often called a corporate intuitive.

Kevin has a unique ability to help people see more clearly—and an uncanny sense of what’s really going on.

One of the things organizations working with Kevin value is his artful way of facilitating the conversations that matter most. He speaks powerfully and playfully to people, precipitating great growth in a short period of time.

Kevin is co-founder of the Kaiser Institute and is working along side his sister to create a first-of-its-kind work around organizational alchemy. The Kaisers lead a program called the Alembic that applies the 13 elements of alchemical transformation to organizations. Kevin is also co-founder of the Two Worlds Wisdom School, a community exploring 108 wisdom principles.

Kevin has an infectious enthusiasm and is fearless in his quest to create good things in the world. He is joyful, curious, and inspiring.