Becoming a Director of Your Life Experiences

You are a sum total of your life experiences. You cannot be where you have not been. Experiences expand your consciousness. If you want new qualities of consciousness, you must ask, “in what kind of life space could I develop these qualities?” When you ask this question, answer it, and then seek out the desired spaces, you become the director of your own life experiences.


For the alchemist, every space is an Alembic and a design for space is a design for consciousness. Life spaces are evocative. They evoke certain qualities of consciousness in their inhabitants. A curious space provokes curiosity in us. A nurturing space teaches us to be nurturing. We all come to terms with what the space is asking us to do.


In the early years of our life, we are largely unconscious of our life spaces. We accept them at face value and adapt to what the space requires of us. These adaptations are then adopted as part of our self and are carried with us. We are conditioned by our early environments. We believe what we are told and our sense of the world is patterned after the people who filled our early life spaces—parents, siblings, teachers and others.


Later, we learn the world is bigger than the world we first experienced. There is not just one way of being in the world. There are many ways. We now face a choice of the type of world we want to live in. We must consciously begin directing our life.


Often, negative spaces teach us positive things. We learn patience by coping with impatient spaces. We learn survival skills in challenging life situations. Our soul directs us into the life spaces required to teach us what we came to learn. Our sequence of life spaces constitutes our life curriculum.


When we take charge of our own evolution, we no longer wait for something desirable to happen. We either go to where it is already happening or we make it happen where we are currently living. As practicing alchemists, we become architects of our life spaces.