Avoid Front-Loading A Coming Event

Have you ever said, “I really dread that” or “It will be so much fun” or “it will never work” or “I have this in the bag”? If you have said such things, you are front-loading a coming event. This is not a good idea. It may prejudice the outcome. Front-loading can actually alter the outcome—often in a less than desirable way.


When you front-load, you interfere with the natural sequencing of events. It is better to remain neutral about the future or maintain a mild positive expectation of favorable outcomes. If you front-load, you are likely to be disappointed with the result when it finally arrives. It will not be all you hoped it would be. Or you get yourself all worked up with worry and negative expectation only to find out it was not half that bad when it actually arrived. Front-loading often prevents synchronicities from occurring—you get in your own way.


You can front-load with emotion or with obsessive thinking. You can even do it with ill-advised hyperactivity. Getting all worked up about anything is not a good way to partner with the universe. Keep your cool at all times. Take things as they come. After the event has occurred, you will have plenty of opportunity to assign meaning to it. Don’t borrow trouble by trying to do it before hand.


Set clear intentions. Do not try to micromanage how these intentions will manifest in your life. Uncertainty about how the intentions will be realized often works in your favor by making more alternative pathways available to you. Heavy front-loading will actually reduce the number of possible pathways of fulfillment.