Alchemy of Relationship Booklet

Alchemy of Relationship Booklet

The most popular alchemy tool ever, this is an exploration of ten simple insights that will transform even your most difficult relationships. And enhance the ones that are already going well. This booklet version has an updated Deep Dive section.

The Nature of Trust

Everyone is trustworthy in the sense that how they act is the intersection of who they are and the contexts they occupy. You may get eaten by a hungry tiger if you get in its path, but it’s not because the tiger is untrustworthy. It’s because that’s the nature of the tiger.

The Art of Calling Out

In its highest form, calling someone out is an act of support—we extend the invitation for another person to look at something another way, better understand the consequences of their actions, take more into account, or step into a larger version of themselves.

The Art of Getting Called Out

Getting called out isn’t about a single behavior, in a single moment, disconnected from our overall life story—a fluky outlier. It’s about a pattern inside of us expressing through many behaviors—in many moments—that’s having a poignant effect outside of us.

Creating More Intentional Boundaries

In their more limited form, boundaries are for keeping things in and keeping things out. In their more expansive form, boundaries are the co-creative space between us and another—just the right amount of you meets just the right amount of the other. A poorly-designed boundary may keep too much out, or let too much in.


Extremes accentuate polarities and make both the best and worst outcomes more likely. Most dynamics that show up in intensity were always in the background. They just didn’t manifest as strongly before. But disorientation and flux also make it easier to shift. Rather than doubling down on old behaviors, we want to explore the range …

Lightening the Load

Some things are hard, unpleasant, and totally worth doing. Other things are hard, unpleasant, and completely unnecessary. Part of lightening our load is struggling with more of the things that matter and fewer of the things that don’t.


Often the glitches that cause the most chaos outside of us stem from well-formed patterns inside of us. And these well-formed patterns have great potential to become our most spectacular gifts.

Alchemy of Scripting

Most people’s lives are responsive rather than creative—they keep accepting and adapting to what happens around them. Alchemists change themselves, and by so doing, the environment reorganizes around them. Learn about alchemical scripting as a matrix for manifestation.

Alchemy of Happiness

Much of what matters most in living the happiest life doesn’t require much change in our current context. What matters most is incorporating a few small shifts that help us experience our current context differently.

Circumstance and Relationship

Sometimes we can change the circumstance we are in to something more preferable. Other times it’s less changeable. But we can always change our relationship to circumstance.