Philanthropy Strategy Days

Three times during the year we come together to invent, think, leapfrog on each other’s ideas—and simply enjoy. Most often we begin with a new tool or idea. Then build it out, imagining what’s possible. Each member finds their own way to approach an innovation, so together we launch and learn with many related strategies.

This is a conversation rather than a conference. So usually one person from each membership attends. But when space allows, a second person may join. Increasingly, CEOs are asking to come with the CDO. We also design days with particular groups in mind such as nurses, physicians, boards, and philanthropists.

Strategy days are a time to soar—to move into pure inspiration and possibility.

Next Date

Members may participate in any or all of the strategy days.  Upcoming dates: 

June 10, 2019      September 9, 2019