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Spend time an extraordinary teacher

A few years ago, a friend of the family said, “What people would really like is to just come out and sit with Lee in his study for a couple of days.” Shortly after that, she arranged a two-day visit for a colleague. And then a visit for another colleague. And then another.

Dozens of people have now visited Lee for a two-day retreat and all view it as one of their most significant growth opportunities. 

This is a perfect way to do a deep dive into your personal and professional life—to discuss issues, resolve problems, and discover unrealized potentials. This is a time to explore areas of interest you’ve never been able to explore before. And discover exciting things about yourself—and the world around you—that you’ve never known before.

This is an opportunity to develop your life plan with a master teacher.

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Lee Kaiser

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Send us a note using the Inquire link above, or simply call at 303.659.8815. Lee and you will choose dates. You would meet with Lee in his home during the day and stay at a nearby hotel at night.