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It’s rare that a keynote speaker awakens something inside us—something that reconnects us to why we are here and what matters most. The experience of this is like a resonance. It goes beyond listening and beyond thinking. As a futurist Leanne enables people to understand trends and evolutionary forces shaping healthcare. She interweaves some of the most remarkable things happening across the planet and describes essential innovations. Yet this is not what people most remember. They remember feeling alive and aligned. They remember beginning to see and think differently. And as a result, they changed their future.

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Leanne Kaiser


Trends and Evolutionary Currents

When we align with the evolutionary impulse of life—what’s trying to happen—we discover a power greater than our single organizations. We ride the momentum of the great currents sweeping the planet. Each cultural, technological, environmental, and economic trend reflects part of a larger story and pattern of opportunity.

The Innovative Life

Our own lives are the first place we must innovate if we are to transform our organizations. The places we lead will be no more imaginative, bold, and powerful than we are as leaders. Think about your life as an innovation space optimized for growth, contribution, and bliss.

Inventing the Future

We can wait for the future that is most likely if we do nothing dramatically different—the probable future—or we can create a preferable future. Preferable futures require us to think differently and embrace novel strategies. Approach the future as a radical creative act.

Healthcare as a Portal of Transformation

Many organizations strive for gains in patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes. But few imagine what lies beyond this—encounters through which patients emerge better than if they had never had the illness or injury. Design healthcare as a portal through which people re-organize their lives.

Enchanting Our Lives and Professions

Medicine and healthcare are in the great disillusionment—a time when many have given up on the possibilities that drew them to a healing profession. We hunger for greater impact while experiencing euphoria, meaning, and satisfaction. Look at new paths by which to re-enchant our professions and our lives.

Radical Abundance

Glimpse the most compelling generosity innovations sweeping healthcare—places designing physician engagement at almost unimaginable levels, attracting resources far beyond what seems possible, embedding generosity into the patient care experience, and even integrating generosity internally to profoundly transform organizational culture.