in memoriam Lee

Leland R. Kaiser (1936-2019)

Contributions in Honor of Lee

Lee seeded thousands of things in the world. One of these seeds was grown by Dr. Steve Kamajian who, because of Lee’s inspiration, developed a program to serve the vulnerable and impoverished. Steve built out the vision in ways that continue to astonish us. We can think of no better way to honor Lee’s life than by helping Steve continue this story.

It is hard to grasp how many people do not have access to medical care even now. In Los Angeles and Ventura County, up to one out of ten employees is uninsured. They do not qualify for welfare and are too poor to pay for subsidized healthcare insurance. Beyond these are others who do not have access. They are the “least of these” who live among us.

Steve began serving them with nothing but space in a church—starting with a janitor’s closet! Today there is a family of clinics with up to seventeen doctors a night volunteering at clinic sites—with students from local high schools and hundreds of others contributing. They provide medical care, diabetic and retinal clinics, mentoring, trauma counseling, emergency hotlines, food and clothing distribution, tutorials for people seeking new jobs—even wellness classes.

Over the past 30 years, many of the young volunteers have gone on to careers in healthcare. Nearly 900 are now in medicine, medical residencies, nursing or medical school, and other clinical fields. Countless others are serving the world in other ways after volunteering as a student.

Should you wish to participate, go to the Westminster Free Clinic—the parent of the group of clinics. Donate here.

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